Events and donation

Finally, after getting through all the obstacles we are starting to speed up our activity. At the Events page some information has been shared about what we are planning to do in the near future while in the Donate page we are trying to get more support for our activity.

Picture of the Week

Our Picture of the Week feature has been launched. We will post an image every Friday we liked the most during that week. In case you found something amazing you think would be worth sharing with us, do not hesitate to contact us!

Social media presence

Until our events are launched follow the CFEP Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! We are keeping them updated every day by posting articles, studies and other interesting data including gripping statements we experience in eurobubble events. More to come soon!

New website

As you can see all of the information about us and about our events will be published on this website. Feel free to send us a message at the contact page. From now on you will always reach us at c4ep.eu. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!