Advocacy and strategic planning
advocacyWe provide EU advocacy and strategic planning with proactive institutional communication based on well-targeted messages. Taking into account the three EU institutions, the Commission, the Council and the Parliament as well as the national perspectives of the member states CFEP offers political advocacy about specific fields of legislation, makes you aware of regulatory proposals and ongoing international negotiations which directly affects your business. We have acquired thorough experience in tracking and analysing legislative acts, amendments and policy proposals from the European Commission and national governments. Thanks to our extensive network we can spot obstacles or opportunities early enough for you to make a difference, and gather upstream intelligence to give you an upper hand on how to deal with your issues concerned. We can conduct research on the spot, to find out how policy-makers and the most important influencers consider your affairs, and hold targeted events to enforce your policy goals and aspirations

Platform between stakeholders and decision makers
platformCreating specific databases of policy and decision-makers (MEPs and EU officials) and relevant stakeholders[br][br]Meeting organisation – CFEP gives you the opportunity to use its network, the established contacts with decision-makers in politics, media and civil society, and remains always at your disposal for guide and counsel. Additionally, we offer advice on the expansion and maintenance of individual contact networks. We can make your voice heard at the right time in the right way, and with the right people through our meetings, and help you to understand how policies are really made.[br][br]Event organisation, debates with your views included, seminars and workshops and mapping the environment – Organising timely and well targeted events can be a useful and powerful tool to deliver your message across. The experience of our organisation can help you to create press briefings, large-scale events and communicate specific points to the most relevant stakeholders, while during our intensive and special seminars and workshops you will be given the opportunity of coalition building, transversal alliances, transferring knowledge and know-how on the EU and EU Public Affairs.

Issue monitoring tailored to your needs
monitoringMethodological and continuous observation and research of decisions, legislative acts and relevant developments for our clients, and identifying topics and issues of concern at an early stage. We follow closely the policy developments, debates and media coverage and use our contacts in specific departments and administration to provide you with the insiders’ views and insights.

Research and writing services
researchStakeholder mapping – You may need to find out those policy makers and opinion formers across Europe who think about your activities and issues. We are experts in researching the policies of your interest, identifying key stakeholders and supporters of your cause, setting up a structure that gives you a clear view about how to build up your alliance. We deliver a comprehensive and vast map of the most relevant policymakers and stakeholders that set up, implement and influence the policies that effect on your business, build up partnerships and “customised alliances”, and launch campaigns across multiple agencies and administrations.[br][br]Executive briefing sessions – We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the policy-makers approaches, which concern your activities and issues at EU level. You may want to understand the dividing line between member states policies or the European Parliament’s likely position. We can offer you a clear view of how the changes in legislation, and power could potentially affect your organisation, its strategy and plans over the short and medium to long term.[br][br]Coaching and customised training – We offer capacity building and a better understanding of the “Eurobubble”, its institutions and policies tailored to our clients’ needs and profile. We can guide you through the political labyrinth of European decision making! Our coaching is designed for clients who are in need of targeted but easy to understand and simple training on EU Affairs – our “Guide and Compass to EU Affairs”.[br][br]Briefing notes – Presentations – Press releases – Our drafting skills are incomparable. We have a thorough knowledge at drafting briefing notes, press releases, newsletters, speeches and website texts.

EU funding and project management
projectmgmtWe offer you a variety of services in consultancy on EU funding, strategic counseling to project proposals and management, taking note of your specific needs. We guide you how to prepare proposals in order to increase the chance of getting the funding and make the most out of your opportunities, while we can contribute to your project as a manager. Our thorough knowledge and experience could serve your aspirations of gaining the capacity for effective project management. We conduct studies and write proposals within EU framework programmes in the fields of education, social issues and services, environment, entrepreneurship and public administration. We will guide you through the complex mechanisms of different EU agencies and involve you from the inception phase to get access to the funding.