Turbulence in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turbulence in the Eastern Mediterranean: Can sanctions work? Source: Independent The turbulence in the Eastern Mediterranean and the strained relationship between Greece and Turkey have captured the headlines recently. The tension built up in February, when Turkey warned  that they would open the country’s borders with Greece so that millions of  asylum seekers can head …

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Migration post-Covid

Migration Post-Covid Aiming for a successful EU Pact on Migration and Asylum Source: WikiMedia Migration has been a hot potato for the EU Member States’ politicians and for the EU itself. Since 2008, the numbers of asylum seekers in Europe have been massive, but the EU has been unable to manage the situation successfully due …

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Online wars

Online wars Disinformation and the need for unity Source: The conversation The widespread use of the Internet and of the online platforms has unavoidably created a whole new reality and has facilitated the free exchange of ideas and widespread information sharing, helping democracies to flourish. However, in the same time, this exact free and uncontrollable …

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