“European Elections from the V4 Perspective” – event yesterday

by | Apr 19, 2024

Compared to our previous three events, it surely was a challenge to find a Speaker from each V4 member state for this one. The only – slightly amusing – issue seemed to be that we had to confirm from time to time that this event would actually happen. We realised at the venue that we had not calculated with the ongoing EU Summit and the close vicinity of its site which happened to provide us with some intense police presence. Ultimately, we are glad with how our “European Elections from the V4 Perspective” event turned out.

After our speakers had summarised the current internal political situation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, we addressed the strained relationship and issues between the V4 member states. The speakers not only covered political issues, but were also kind enough to share some personal experiences with the audience. We talked about the preparation for the European elections with a special focus on reaching the youth. Closing the panel, we were wondering about the future of the V4 and its countries.

We want to thank our great speakers, Jolanta, Zdenka, Igor and Sándor, our co-moderator, Jana, but also our audience for being with us yesterday and staying with us after the event for a cool chat with some wine, sharing your thoughts. We hope that You will join us in our next events, too! Additionally, we are grateful to Press Club Brussels for making sure that everything went smoothly. We will be back!

Our team and guests: Ivett Letenovics (C4EP), Jana Juzová (Europeum Institute for European Policy), Tamás Lattmann (C4EP), Jolanta Szymanska (Polish Institute of International Affairs), Sándor Rónai (S&D), Zdenka Trachtová (Czech Radio), Igor Merheim-Eyre (EPP), Laura Leger (C4EP)

A detailed report on the event will follow, until then You can find some more photos on our social media pages:

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