New Media for our Young Speakers’ Corner event series

by | Jun 8, 2022

We were extremely happy to have worked with Holly McNie — a graphic designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland — to take our concept of the Young Speakers’ Corner event series and bring it to life in these graphics. 

After seeking out a young graphic designer, we eventually came to Holly who had worked with one of our interns previously. Holly worked with us within a week to take stock of our concept, the kind of graphics we wanted, how we wanted to use them, and how we felt about the spirit of the event in general, in line with how she describes her process on her website:

 ‘As a graphic designer, I believe that people are what truly make a brand. I love getting to know the characters behind a business and finding a way to visually pull that into designs.’

Holly took the concept of Young Speakers’ Corner and turned it into a fresh and appealing visual we will proudly use for all YSC events in the future. Thank you, Holly!


You can find Holly McNie on:


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