Together again

Together again

SPD and CDU should give it one more try


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“Yes, he snores. He has a belly. Drinks a lot and doesn’t take me out anymore. I know, I said that this time I will leave him for good. But still, we have the kids and the mortgage. You know, it’s not that easy. One has responsibilities. And after all, he’s a good man.” Your friend nods silently. There you go again, you just won’t get divorced.


The coalition between Germany’s CDU and SPD has never been a marriage of love. None of the partners have been particularly happy with it, but it worked. It was also very comfortable in a way, because the other was always there to be blamed for our own faults.


Both parties have been determined not to go into another grand coalition. As they have pointed out, they formed the alliance only for the crisis times. But now that it is over, they prefer to save their own identity. It was especially true for the social democrats who, like all of their sister parties in Europe, struggle to find out something genuine to show for the alienating voters.


The SPD said once, twice and hundred more times that they won’t govern together with the CDU. It would be the end of the party. They need to find their soul to reestablish their image. The AfD can’t be the main party in opposition. CDU will be fine with the liberals and the greens. At least, they should try it.


But then came FDP’s chief Christian Lindner and his decision to quit coalition talks. As he said, “it is better not to govern, then govern badly”. Some criticized him for being selfish and populist, and ignoring his political responsibilities.


Germany is in a complete shock. It has never happened in the last 70 years. This country is strong and stable, they just can’t have a minority government or snap elections. Some even started to evoke the two-world-war period’s messy politics. Even if this scenario is really far from the Weimar Republic.


Europe is in a complete state of shock as well. If German politics doesn’t function well, everyone gets frightened. Who’s gonna make discipline in the class if the there’s no head teacher? Decision-making is stalled, everyone is waiting for Berlin. Some suggested that it could be the golden moment for Emmanuel Macron to take the lead in Europe. But honestly, France can’t be taken seriously on its own, no matter how hard Macron tries it. And this is something that shows the real importance of Germany. Even if they are reluctant to say openly that they are the de facto leaders of Europe, this is the case.


So, dear CDU and SPD, let’s admit, this is a crisis where we all know, you function very well. Your 500 million children are waiting for you to give it another try. We promise to take out the rubbish and do our bed regularly. After all, it’s not that bad to play the role of statesmen and take the responsibility to be Europe’s savior. It might do good for the SPD’s troubled image as well.

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